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Bean companies talking acquisitions and sales

Beans are a staple ingredient in a vast majority of diets in the United States. Many Utah residents actually grow their own beans in backyard gardens; others purchase various types in stores for making soups, stews and other delicious recipes. In a recent acquisitions and sales deal, a natural foods company, Hain Celestial, has acquired the Oregon-based Better Bean Company. Both companies say they are thrilled with the merger.

Understanding business formation: LLCs - II

In a post last month, our blog began discussing how even though many entrepreneurs might think of a limited liability company as being a business formation option reserved for the private practices of accountants, attorneys, doctors and dentists, it’s actually a viable structure for many ventures.

Utah businesses concerned about impact of new drunk driving law

As most Utah residents are aware, the state has long taken what could be characterized as a less than accommodating approach toward alcohol, adopting a network of complex and rather stringent liquor laws in an attempt to curb its influence.

Understanding business formation: LLCs

From corporations to general partnerships, most prospective business owners are undoubtedly familiar with at least a few of their options when it comes to organization. However, what they might not realize is that there is a business formation option that functions as a sort of hybrid of these two: limited liability companies.

Study examines use of non-compete agreements among Utah employers

It's been less than one year since Utah enacted the Post-Employment Restrictions Act, the landmark law dictating that any non-compete agreement executed on or after May 10, 2016 cannot last for longer than one year after the end of employment.

While selling a business isn't always as easy as 1, 2, 3

While it might be the furthest thing from their mind at this juncture, there may come a time in the not-so-distant future when a business owner decides that they would like to pursue another venture or perhaps even retire while profit margins are good.

Understanding business formation: Corporations -- II

Last month, our blog continued its efforts to help budding entrepreneurs understand all of the business formation options available to them by examining corporations, focusing specifically how they are formed and how they are organized.

Understanding business formation: Corporations

In a previous post, we discussed how one of the most important considerations facing any group of budding entrepreneurs is how they would like to organize their for-profit business, and how there are multiple options in this regard, including corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, general partnerships and sole proprietorships.

Comprehensive representation for corporate clients across Utah

Anyone looking to start their own business is undoubtedly aware that they if they decide to proceed with their vision, they will have a tough road ahead. That's because there will be commercial leases to sign, assets to purchase, employees to hire and, of course, a business entity to select.

How are nonprofit corporations organized?

At this time of the year, people's thoughts naturally gravitate toward more than just making holiday purchases for friends and friends. Indeed, many are motivated to write a check to a favorite charity or take a few hours out of their busy schedule to volunteer for a favorite cause.