Water Law

Community Associations

Our attorneys have years of experience representing both community associations, such as homeowners' or condominium owners' association, as well as the owners of property in such associations. We have extensive experience preparing declarations of covenants, conditions and restrictions, and advising clients on their effect and the laws related to them. We can work with you, your association board, your membership, or your property manager to advise you with respect to your community association-related challenges. We are prepared to assist you in whatever manner you require, including the following:

  • Writing or amending declarations of CC&Rs or condominiums
  • Forming community associations or revising community association documents
  • Advising and assisting with association governance, including the conduct of association board and member meetings
  • Development and enforcement of association rules & regulations
  • Architectural control issues
  • Advising in the resolution of disputes between owners and community associations
  • Community association-related litigation
  • Placing and enforcement of assessment liens
  • Common area management issues
  • Establishment of conservation easements upon common area open space

Water Law

The ownership, use, or transfer of water rights and water pursuant to water company stock ownership can often result in complex legal challenges, which can become aggravated if not addressed in a timely manner. Water law issues also often arise in connection with the development or transfer of real estate that has associated water uses. Because of the specialized nature of water law and your rights to use water, these challenges and issues can be confusing and potential problems can be easily overlooked.

Our law firm has significant experience in advising water users with respect to using, securing, or modifying their rights to the use of water. We can also assist you in the event of issues or disputes regarding water use, title to water rights, risk of forfeiture to the state, or even with respect to issues unique to mutual water companies. We know the law affecting easements to access your water and historical uses as well, and can assist you to ensure that you receive your water. Let Snow Jensen & Reece be your guide in these complicated and potentially dangerous matters.