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What can a St. George business attorney do for you?

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2014 | Business Organizations, Estate Planning |

Disputes are simply an inevitable part of life. In many situations, it is simply best to address the issues directly and resolve differences amicably. However, that is not always possible in families, among friends and in business.

Sometimes business partners or competitors or businesses engaging in commerce together find that they have agreements of disagreement that they cannot by themselves resolve. That is when experienced legal counsel can make a dramatic difference, whether it is in negotiating favorable resolutions of the disputes or taking irresolvable disagreements to trial and having a court settle matters.

Snow Jensen & Reece, P.C. helps St. George entrepreneurs deal with complex commercial litigation no matter where it occurs in Utah.

The areas of disagreement can involve contracts with customers or with vendors, as well as internal disputes between shareholders (and as stated above, between partners). Experienced attorneys can also help Washington County clients and others with construction disputes, disagreements over oil industry leases, and also when other litigation needs arise in the course of conducting commerce.

Also, for a person just getting ready to open a business, experienced legal counsel can help you set it up properly; helping you choose the business organization suited to your unique goals, challenges and needs.

At the other end of the spectrum are other challenges, such as business succession plans that enable heirs (young children, a spouse, siblings, adult children, etc.) reap the benefits of your life’s work. Those plans are vital for everyone who owns a business, commercial property or a house.

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