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St. George council candidates focusing on growth

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2015 | Real Estate Law |

A few days ago, the first debate was held among candidates for St. George City Council at the Washington County Administration Building. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a couple of topics dominated this first discussion: city growth and code enforcement.

Those are issues that concern virtually every resident of our growing city. How do we manage the growth? Do we allow St. George to grow as fast as it can or do we apply some brakes? If we apply brakes, why do we do it and how? The questions are for candidates and citizens alike to consider in coming days.

One of the many important aspects of St. George growth is water usage. Obviously, as the number of residents and businesses rises, the demand for water increases. One candidate said that “without water, we have no growth.” According to a local news report, he urges us all to focus on conservation rather than relying on Lake Powell or other pipeline sources of the precious fluid.

A real estate business owner and candidate said he wants to, if elected, push the council to diversify the city’s business base, helping to ensure that no matter what economic twists and turns come our way, we will have a stable base to rely upon. He said right now, too much emphasis is on real estate; other industries could just as easily prosper here.

It’s not our place in this blog to endorse or reject candidates or their ideas, but we do note that with the expected growth in St. George in coming years, there will inevitably be a demand for attorneys who understand not only business law, but also the intricacies of real estate transactions, water law, property rights and other land use statutes and regulations.

One of our missions here at Snow Jensen & Reece, P.C., is to make our deep experience and knowledge of real estate law available to existing St. George entrepreneurs as well as those who are launching business ventures in Washington County. Now in our 30th year of assisting businessmen and businesswomen in improving our city, as well as improving the lives of their own families, we stand ready to offer our services to you, too.

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