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Commercial lease particulars: multifaceted considerations

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2016 | Real Estate Law |

No successful business entity in Utah or anywhere else across the United States would consider involvement in a transaction of any complexity without having solid legal acumen at hand to identify and gauge risk, as well as to mitigate it to the fullest extent possible.

And the reason for a well-considered and prudent approach is obvious. As noted in one business-related overview, “You may be a savvy business entrepreneur, but the legal world can be tricky.”

Indeed, it can be, and in virtually every context where business interests intersect with legal considerations.

Candidly, that is almost everywhere in the business world, including in the realm of commercial lease negotiation and execution, which is the focal point of the above-cited online primer.

One of that article’s central points emphasizes the absence of any standard commercial lease agreement that can be used in most contexts. Indeed, the material lease terms and conditions that appear in most leases are the products of arms-length negotiations between contracting parties, which can make close and studied input from proven real estate legal counsel an imperative for a careful business actor.

It’s not hard to immediately note some of the fundamentally important matters that need to be mutually agreed upon by parties to a commercial lease.

Rental amount is, of course, one of those matters, with many variables often in play that can influence a bottom-line dollar amount.

Lease term is also an important consideration, as are things like improvements needing to be made to leased space by a lessee with singular needs, subleasing rights and additional matters.

A proven real estate attorney can assist a client with all its lease-related needs, as well as provide guidance concerning applicable local, state and federal laws.