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April 2017 Archives

Study examines use of non-compete agreements among Utah employers

It's been less than one year since Utah enacted the Post-Employment Restrictions Act, the landmark law dictating that any non-compete agreement executed on or after May 10, 2016 cannot last for longer than one year after the end of employment.

Have you considered a charitable remainder trust? - II

Last month, we began discussing how even though people might harbor doubts about ever being able to give more than a nominal amount to a favorite charity at the outset of their careers, they may ultimately find themselves in a position to do exactly this after 30-40 years in the working world.

No Good Cause? No Unemployment Benefits.

About 2 million Americans quit their job every month, at least some of those being here in our mountain home. The Utah Court of Appeals recently clarified and confirmed that an employee who unreasonably quits her job without good cause is ineligible from receiving unemployment benefits. Doxon v. Department of Workforce Services