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Real estate attorneys are beneficial to have around pre-purchase

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2018 | Real Estate Law |

Buying a home always is an involved process, but it can be particularly complex if it’s your first time doing so. That’s why, even if your jurisdiction doesn’t require to have your own attorney present to close on your property, you should. You may also benefit from having one review your purchase contract.

One instance in which you may find it in your best interest to have a real estate attorney read over your purchase contract is the property that you’re buying features improvements such as trees, pools, fences, carports or sheds.

You’ll want him or her to check over the survey and the deed for the property to make sure everything is properly accounted for and also built in accordance with your jurisdiction’s building codes. In doing so, he or she will also likely take time to look for potential encroachments, whether onto public property or as easements, sidewalks or your neighbor’s lot.

If these issues are not addressed prior to the closing on the property taking place, then you run the risk of assuming the responsibility for the errors. A legal description that is improperly written may impact the property taxes you’re assessed or whether you’re able to remodel your home.

In having an attorney on hand to review your purchase contract, he or she will also make sure to keep you abreast of your rights and responsibilities. This includes approving the closing attorney, setting up an inspection and helping you understanding the mortgage commitment process.

If there are any additional contingencies, then your attorney will notify you of time limitations associated with them and potential monetary penalties associated with not doing so.

Real estate attorneys can be also be helpful to have around if it’s found that there are outstanding encumbrances on the property such as condo fees or back property taxes. Having them review the home’s bill of sale will ensure that you’ll be clear as to whether any appliances or personal property will be sold with the home and, if so, what those items will be.

No matter where you’re at in the buying process on your home, you may benefit from the guidance that a St. George attorney can provide in your case.