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Ten traits to look for in a business partner

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2019 | Business Organizations |

Starting a business is supposed to be an exciting experience; you are chasing your dreams and working your way up from the bottom to reach the ultimate status of success. But starting a business is also an extremely challenging experience.

Luckily, finding a business partner relieves some of those challenges and helps you work your way up the business ladder. But what should Utah business owners look for in a co-owner or investor?

Necessary qualities for running a business

While specific attributes vary depending on the company or your personality; there are common traits to look for in a partner, including:

1. Passion – Partners need to have the same drive and interest in the company.

2. Commitment – You need someone who wants to be in the business for the long haul, not playing a short game.

3. Reliability – It’s critical to have an enthusiastic partner and also dedicated to the work. You need to be able to depend on them.

4. Compatibility – Colleagues also need to be able to work off one another. If you are more creative, try to find a partner who can handle operations.

5. Integrity – It is crucial to have a partner who will make the right decisions and maintain the business while you’re gone, especially if they are running the day-to-day operations.

6. Flexibility – Starting a business is unpredictable at times, so everyone needs to remain open and willing to take risks to be successful.

7. Responsibility – Similar to reliability – you want someone who will take charge of their role and elevate the company through their work. It could be in money, creativity or management.

8. Creativity – Being creative doesn’t mean you only come up with ideas. It also requires someone who can be feasible and develop innovative strategies to bring the company to life.

9. Supportive – One of the main reasons to get a business partner is to have additional support while making decisions and building the company. You want to choose someone who supports you and your ideas.

10. Resilience – Running a business is challenging, especially at the beginning. You need a partner who is going to jump over hurdles and help you obtain your goal.

Do not settle for an investor or partner that doesn’t feel right for your company because a toxic partnership quickly ruins an excellent business idea.