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Business partnership: What does business development really mean?

Regardless of whether your company is an SaaS (software as a service) business or another type of business with different product and service offerings, you might find this article interesting, which stems from the identification of the problem that business development can mean something different to everyone.

Small Business Week 2013

Regardless of whether you're attending any events for Small Business Week 2013, it's a great opportunity to look at the history of small business in America, and plan for the future. This year, as inspiration, we want to share with you a list of innovating small businesses that not only made it big, but also made a big impact on the way we function as a society and relate to the world around us. Some of these companies have developed innovations that have defined us as a culture, for better or worse (the latter of this depends mostly upon your individual opinion and as always we shall strive to remain neutral).

Implications of the NSA scandal on small business

With the recent news on the NSA scandal filling so many media channels, discussing the matter with a political charge can be easy. We're going to ask that, as we post this, so too in reading, you put aside political leanings so that we can look at how, if at all, the information leaked in the news stories about the NSA scandal might affect small business in America.

Employment law: the Defense Base Compensation Act

The Defense Base Compensation Act provides coverage to employees who are injured in the course of working under federal contracts, for example, on military bases. Injuries can include illness. Understanding this compensation, which is a sub-regulation of the Longshore Act, is imperative to not only remaining compliant, but also to securing and maintaining your business' workforce.

Understanding the FMLA

For many employers or business owners, there are a few regulations, acts and laws that apply on a broad, federal level, that must be understood and adhered to, such as the FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act). Essentially, this act stipulates that, under certain conditions, an employee may take leave of a job without pay, for a given amount of time within a year.

IRS investigation: big question is 'why?'

National and international news outlets have been erupting in recent days with coverage on the IRS investigation. If you're behind on the times, basically what's happened is that the IRS has been accused of discrimination against conservative groups seeking a tax-exempt status, specifically, those associated with the Tea Party. The big question in Washington that will determine whether the IRS has broken the law will is "Why?"

BBB: A Tarnished Business Reputation?

What happens when an entity's business reputation is cracked? Much like a cracked foundation in a house, damage can seep in. We've mentioned the importance of keeping your business' reputation polished in previous posts, but it bears mentioning again, particularly in light of the latest expose on the Better Business Bureau in Los Angeles. You can read the full article here. The Los Angeles branch was reported to have issued an A- rating back in 2010 to the Hamas terror group.

The Sequester and Small Business

When it comes to the effects the sequester can have on your business, your bottom line won't be affected by who started it, who is responsible for it, who should have negotiated and who shouldn't have (though this may or may not influence your voting choices in the next elections). What matters to the bottom line in your business is how the budget cuts can change the way your company operates. To help you not only wade through the proliferation of blame-game news reports, but also to help you plan for the future (or adjust your pre-existing plans as necessary), we're providing you with some resources that outline some of the changes the sequester either has caused or will cause.

Workplace Safety Laws

There are a myriad of benefits to adhering to workplace safety laws. The first and foremost is the health and productivity of your employees. Beyond that is your company's reputation and finally, there is the financial side to consider.  Violations of these laws and regulations can be costly, ranging in the tens of thousands of dollars simply for a citation (then there are other costs such as potential lawsuits).

Environmental Laws

Many industries have the potential to impact the environment, from manufacturing to landscaping.  Sometimes a hazardous byproduct cannot be avoided, but there are ways to properly dispose of it, and regulations regarding how, where and when you can do so.  In this discussion, we'll highlight a few resources and provide examples of the sorts of regulations you might expect.  The fines for violating environmental laws and regulations can be steep, rising into the hundred thousand dollar range.  Even beyond the fine is the damage to a company's reputation.  The impact on your business is far less if you comply with these environmental laws and regulations from the start.