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Posts tagged "Estate Planning"

It's dangerous not to have an estate plan in place

Several recent surveys that have been conducted by Gallup, and during the past three years have all yielded similar data. They've all shown that as much as 60% of Americans have no estate plan in place. The reasons why individuals avoid doing this are varied. There are many dangers associated with not having an estate plan.

Conservators and guardians aren't automatically appointed in Utah

All Utah residents are considered to be adults when they turn 18. Once they reach this age, their parents or guardians are no longer accountable for their actions. They are responsible for their own. If you have someone that you care for that's unable to take care of him- or herself, then you may want to explore guardianships and conservatorships some more.

Factors to consider when choosing a guardian for your kids

Most adults finally get around to handling estate planning once they start having children. An important step parents have to take when doing this is to appoint a guardian for their minor children. There are some factors that you should keep in mind when you start thinking about who you're going to select.

What taxes are due in Utah when a testator dies?

In some states, there's an estate tax that is tacked on to the money or assets that an individual leaves behind before they are distributed to their beneficiaries. Utah is one of 39 states that doesn't collect estate taxes, though. There's no gift or inheritance tax that you're responsible for paying here either. There is a federal estate tax that you're responsible for paying, though.

Tips to help you prepare your children to take over your company

The most valuable asset you own is your business. You're very proud of it and you have put decades of your life into it. After you retire, you hope that your children and their children can keep it going for generations to come.

Who can be a personal representative in Utah and what do they do?

When a person drafts a will, they'll be asked to appoint an executor of their estate to handle their final affairs. This individual, who's also known as a personal representative, is generally made aware of their role beforehand by the person writing the will, or testator, dies. Their responsibilities only kick in once they're notified of that person's passing.