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Posts tagged "LLCs"

Utah restaurant uses crowdfunding to finance interior design

Financing can be one particularly challenging part of starting a new business, but it's a challenge that entrepreneurs tend to embrace. With investment comes risk, and allaying concerns that make investors reticent can be a tricky aspect of securing the funds you need to lay a foundation.

Utah businesses support campaign to get kids interested in STEM

In developing effective business strategies, we spend a significant amount of time looking back on what has worked in the past, what continues to work under the present circumstances, and what is likely to work in the future. Of course, that may all seem straightforward enough, but truly innovative ideas often have a sense of prescience about them.

What benefits does registering as an LLC offer small companies?

If you’re currently operating a sole proprietorship or have decided to start a small business, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that many entrepreneurs are setting up as limited liability companies, or LLCs. The reason is that LLCs offer many of the benefits of an S corporation without the burdensome administrative formalities corporations are required to follow.