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Posts tagged "Real Estate Law"

5 reasons that you may be able to evict your St. George tenant

The job of a landlord is far from easy. When you rent out your property, you have to carefully vet your tenants and keep after them to pay their rent. You have to keep your property in good repair. You may even have to evict them if they don't adhere to the terms of your lease.

You can avoid property rights disputes by doing due diligence

If you're considering buying commercial real estate, then you've likely discovered that doing so is very different from buying a home. Many of the regulations and procedures that exist to help protect homeowners from being taken advantage of don't exist in the commercial real estate world. This is why it's important that you do your due diligence when buying a commercial building.

St. George's home prices are fast outpacing residents' salaries

Many who travel to St. George find themselves immediately attracted to the area's scenic views and sunny weather. These are two reasons that the southern Utah city has become one fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country. Data published by both the U.S. Census Bureau and HomeArea shows that St. George's home prices have been increasing more quickly than residents' incomes though.

Zoning at the heart of a Utah medical center dispute

Over the past several months, a group of Salt Lake City residents has been leading a drive to attempt to force a medical care center for seriously ill and dying homeless people to leave their neighborhood or at least limit the expansion of its number of beds.

Utah's housing market is becoming eerily similar to California's

The business news site Utah Business released a report on August 30 calling Utah's housing market the "next California." The commissioned report was authored by researchers with the University of Utah's Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute. They described how Utah now has less inventory of available homes than the current amount of households that need housing in the state.

What should I include in a leasing conract?

Contracts to lease a property are flexible legal documents that property owners draft in a way that satisfies their unique needs and concerns for their property. However, there are certain essentials that your leasing agreement should include to avoid the possibility of legal trouble later down the line. These essentials for your leasing agreement include: