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How an attorney can help if your estate plan gives you trouble

Given all of the complexity of life, it is no wonder that all of assets, property, items, valuables, heirlooms and other things that we collect in our years on this planet create a complicated web. The items we have are just one side of the estate plan equation. There are also the people that we know, the people that we love, and the family members that we cherish on the other side. These relationships and these items, together, make up the basis for how we decide to distribute our property when it is our time to pass on to the next life.

Estate planning is a very important issue, but that doesn't mean it is an easy or simple task. A lot goes into planning your estate, and there a lot of contingencies that you have to plan for and plenty of provisions that you need to include to ensure that your will, your trusts, and your estate plan as a whole are proper, compliant and adequately reflect your last wishes.

Issues with titles can become serious legal headaches

When you own land or a home, you will obviously be very familiar with the term "title." A title is a legal right of ownership for a particular piece of property. Title can be referred to in many different contexts, but you really only hear the terms used in relation to cars and real estate. Having a title is very valuable, giving you the right to do what you want with a piece of property.

However, not every title is "clean." When a title is clean, it means the title holder has nothing to worry about in terms of other people claiming a right to the property. But if the title isn't clean, then the title holder could be in for some serious legal headaches.

Commercial lease particulars: multifaceted considerations

No successful business entity in Utah or anywhere else across the United States would consider involvement in a transaction of any complexity without having solid legal acumen at hand to identify and gauge risk, as well as to mitigate it to the fullest extent possible.

And the reason for a well-considered and prudent approach is obvious. As noted in one business-related overview, "You may be a savvy business entrepreneur, but the legal world can be tricky."

How to file a complaint against homeowner's association board member


Owning a home is often considered an essential part of the American dream, but sometimes your neighborhood’s homeowner’s association board seems determined to turn the dream into the great American nightmare. Conflicts with a homeowner association board member can usually be solved civilly, but occasionally a conflict or abuse of power is such that taking official action is the most reasonable course of action. If and when such a measure is necessary, it is helpful to know the proper procedure for filing an official complaint against a troublesome board member of your homeowner’s association or unit owner in Nevada.

Establish residency thoughtfully


Crafting an estate plan is a vital tool for those seeking to preserve their assets as they age. Due to the varying tax considerations of different states, determining where you may be relocating for retirement or for late-life care can have significant implications for your estate plan and your assets’ protection.

Inheritance rights: know your position

When someone drafts their will and puts together their estate plan, the chief reason for doing so is to protect their assets and pass them on to their family members and loved ones. These assets compose an heir's "inheritance," and when someone inherits property and assets, it is important that they understand their rights.

See, when people don't understand their rights or when the grantor fails to complete his or her estate plan in a thorough and compliant manner, it can cause unnecessary and painful litigation that hurts family members and loved ones, while also dealing a significant financial blow to everyone involved.

These are some of the reasons to update your will

It may not be at the top of your to-do list, but updating your will is a step that you need to take every once and awhile. If you leave your will unattended for years and years, it can leave you and your estate vulnerable to execution problems, such as assets going to people you did not intend to be beneficiaries anymore, or assets that aren't even accounted for in your estate plan or your will.

The passage of time is just one reason that someone should sit down and take a thorough look at their will. But their are many other reasons that an update to your will is necessary.

Talk to an attorney when composing your estate plan

Estate planning is very complex, and to properly implement a plan that protects your estate and preserves your last wishes so that your loved ones can thrive after you are gone is a very difficult task to complete -- especially on your own. Estate planning isn't the only thing you need to worry about. You want to make sure that your estate is being administered properly and that you have the right people in the right place to take care of you and your loved ones.

But estate planning is a huge mountain to climb. It isn't something that you can simply will your way through (no pun intended). Most people need help taking their first steps towards achieving a thorough estate plan.

What You Should Know About Alimony in Utah

As if the emotional toll of divorce weren't enough, the financial aspect can be devastating. A crucial task your Utah divorce lawyer must help you tackle from the get-go is to separate the emotional aspect of the case from the financial one. Let's examine this separation in the context of alimony.

What you need to know about non-competition agreements

Having your "ducks in a row" is absolutely critical when running a business. If you aren't handling important issues in a timely manner, or if your documents lack the compliance and completeness that they need to be enforceable, then your company could be at risk. We could write pages and pages on this topic, but today we're just going to look at a small piece of what we are talking about. Today, let's talk about non-competition agreements.

Many companies make their new employees sign non-competition agreements when they are hired. These contracts tell the employee that they are forbidden from revealing trade secrets and company information to competitors and other companies. In exchange, the individual is given employment.