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What do I need to know before signing a contract?

Contracts can be among the most powerful resources companies can utilize to protect themselves and their product. These legal documents can be essential when it comes to setting terms for relationships with buyers, employees, vendors and other parties, and they can establish critical guidelines for how certain business transactions must be conducted.

However, these contracts may not always be effective or executable. In some cases, clauses in the contract may be unnecessarily limiting or unfavorable to the other party and a transaction can fall apart. There may also be terms set in an agreement which are unlawful and could result in challenges to a contract. In some cases, an agreement could be completely thrown out because it or certain clauses are unenforceable. Before asking anyone to sign a business contract or signing one yourself, you may want to first consider some important factors about the document.

Have you reviewed your company's employment contracts recently?

It may not seem that job mobility has been a major concern in the public media for some time. Business owners are aware that when the job market becomes more fluid, retaining key skilled workers is an important function. Moreover, as a job market becomes more dynamic, having appropriate agreements in place to protect trade secrets and proprietary information often raises to the top of a business operator’s mind.

The topic comes up today as news breaks that the job market continues to strengthen. The increasingly robust market led to 2.8 million workers handing in resignation letters to their employers in September. The amount of turnover has not occurred in a single month since early 2008. Paul D’Arcy, who is chief of marketing at told USA Today that skilled workers in the technology, engineering and health care fields are moving from job-to-job at a fierce rate – some leaving a job for a better offer in a mere matters of months.

Great news for private property owners in Iron County, Utah!


Salt Lake City, Utah, Nov. 5, 2014 ---  Ruling in favor of a lawsuit by Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF), Federal Judge Dee Benson today struck down the federal government’s regulations for the Utah Prairie Dog as unconstitutional because the prairie dog does not substantially affect “interstate commerce.”   

PLF sued on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Property Owners (PETPO) in Cedar City, Utah, whose members -- property owners and the local government -- have been restricted from using their land, including building homes and businesses, maintaining parks and the cemetery, and protecting the airport runway from prairie-dog potholes.

Utah is back at number one

From St. George to Logan, the word is spreading: Utah is again at the top of Forbes’ annual Best States for Business list. It’s not like we haven’t been there before, of course. We were atop the list from 2010 through 2012.

The Best States for Business is one of the many resources entrepreneurs use when making decisions about where to start a business, where to expand operations, where to invest and where to live. 

Utah business leaders push plan to push students higher

The report card Utah students recently received disappointed some in our state. Test results showed that less than half of Utah students are proficient in science, language arts and math.

Business leaders said the results show students here are trending lower than students in the rest of the nation; a trend that they say does not bode well for a state that has been working hard to position itself as a welcoming home for new businesses.

What can a St. George business attorney do for you?

Disputes are simply an inevitable part of life. In many situations, it is simply best to address the issues directly and resolve differences amicably. However, that is not always possible in families, among friends and in business.

Sometimes business partners or competitors or businesses engaging in commerce together find that they have agreements of disagreement that they cannot by themselves resolve. That is when experienced legal counsel can make a dramatic difference, whether it is in negotiating favorable resolutions of the disputes or taking irresolvable disagreements to trial and having a court settle matters.

How we can help you with Utah estate planning and administration

Even the most carefully conceived and detailed plans do not amount to much if they are not executed. This is true in a wide variety of places, including business offices, football fields, traffic management and in estate administration.

Estate administration is at its core, the collection and distribution of assets after a loved one has passed on. As we have written about recently, an estate plan requires thought and organization - but in order for it to be fully realized, it must be executed. That is exactly where a St. George estate planning and estate administration law firm can help families.

Should you have an estate plan?

Are you married? Do you have children? Do you own a house? Do you have a 401(k) at work or otherwise own stocks? Or do you own a business? Or do you simply want to have control of your fate should you be incapacitated by injury or illness?

If you can answer “yes” to any of those questions, you should sit down with an estate planning attorney and create an estate plan. 

Is St. George 'the very best the United States'?

St. George Mayor Jon Pike is optimistic and simultaneously realistic about the place he calls home. While acknowledging in his state of the city address to the Chamber of Commerce that the city has work to do to improve, he said that the overarching goal is an optimistically lofty one: to make St. George “the very best place to live, work and play in the United States.”

One of the ways to do that is to continue to help businesses here succeed and expand. Another way is to help entrepreneurs interested in St. George to move here with a minimum of red tape, select a business form with the assistance of an attorney, hire residents, open doors and engage in commerce. 

Washington County's job growth is explosive

First, the bad news: Utah’s unemployment rate rose a tenth of a percentage point last month to 3.6 percent. Now for the good news: economists say the slight uptick means the ongoing economic recovery is encouraging more workers to reenter the jobs market.

Here in Washington County, unemployment dropped to 4 percent in June, the lowest its been since the Great Recession hit in 2007-2008. Even better news: our county’s job growth rate boomed to 6.3 percent last month.