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December 2012 Archives

6 Types of Business Structures, Part 3

This is our final installment in this series, wherein we’re highlighting the pros and cons of each of the six business structures. Previously, we discussed Sole Proprietorships, LLCs, Cooperatives and Corporations. Today we’re happy to present S Corporations and Partnerships. We encourage you to visit our source,, for additional details about each business structure.

6 Types of Business Structures, Part 2

Last week we began a three-part discussion on the pros and cons of the six types of business structures and their pros and cons., our source, features additional information on each type of business structure, and you can read more by clicking on the structure heading below. This week we’re highlighting the pros and cons of Cooperatives and Corporations.



1. Taxation for members of a business structure can be reason enough for some to elect to use one structure over another. Members of cooperatives are only taxed once instead of being taxed individually and on a cooperative level.