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February 2013 Archives

Workplace Safety Laws

There are a myriad of benefits to adhering to workplace safety laws. The first and foremost is the health and productivity of your employees. Beyond that is your company's reputation and finally, there is the financial side to consider.  Violations of these laws and regulations can be costly, ranging in the tens of thousands of dollars simply for a citation (then there are other costs such as potential lawsuits).

Environmental Laws

Many industries have the potential to impact the environment, from manufacturing to landscaping.  Sometimes a hazardous byproduct cannot be avoided, but there are ways to properly dispose of it, and regulations regarding how, where and when you can do so.  In this discussion, we'll highlight a few resources and provide examples of the sorts of regulations you might expect.  The fines for violating environmental laws and regulations can be steep, rising into the hundred thousand dollar range.  Even beyond the fine is the damage to a company's reputation.  The impact on your business is far less if you comply with these environmental laws and regulations from the start.

Privacy Law

Privacy law can have a profound effect on your business if you're not careful to adhere to the appropriate rules and regulations.  There are many facets of privacy laws as well, and our discussion here will focus on those which specifically relate most commonly to businesses.  Privacy matters.  Your customers, clients and employees alike must trust you in order for your business to enjoy sustained success.  If you run the sort of business which will take as much care with others' personal data as you would with your own, then you are a business to be trusted.

Consumer Privacy

Part of the key to developing trust and a strong rapport through caring after your customers' private data is communicating with those customers.  Will you use their email addresses to send marketing and sales campaign messages from time to time?  Are any of your affiliates allowed to use that information?  Questions such as these ought to be answered in a privacy policy.

Online Tax Laws for Business

Laws applicable to conducting business online are essentially tax-related.  If you want to save yourself from headaches and potential penalties down the road, understanding these online tax laws before doing business over the internet is crucial.  Our discussion will be split into domestic business within the United States and international business.