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May 2013 Archives

Understanding the FMLA

For many employers or business owners, there are a few regulations, acts and laws that apply on a broad, federal level, that must be understood and adhered to, such as the FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act). Essentially, this act stipulates that, under certain conditions, an employee may take leave of a job without pay, for a given amount of time within a year.

IRS investigation: big question is 'why?'

National and international news outlets have been erupting in recent days with coverage on the IRS investigation. If you're behind on the times, basically what's happened is that the IRS has been accused of discrimination against conservative groups seeking a tax-exempt status, specifically, those associated with the Tea Party. The big question in Washington that will determine whether the IRS has broken the law will is "Why?"

Estate planning - make it official

Perhaps you have been working on your estate planning for the last ten weeks, along with our blog post series on the topic. Maybe you have been working at it for a longer or shorter period of time--but that is immaterial. No matter how long you spend putting your estate plan together, the documents and decisions are worth more than a great deal of effort--they are worth peace of mind for you and your loved ones, and if you are a business owner, your employees, investors, etc. If you skip this final step and fail to make your plan official, all the rest is for virtually nothing.

Estate planning - funeral arrangements

Funeral arrangements are often the frightening obstacle that prevents most estate planning. Thinking about what will happen to us when we die is often something most people avoid, regardless of belief in an afterlife. Even in that case, it is rare that we are eager to set aside our plans for funerals, burial, and other arrangements. However, it is for our family and friends, our heirs and executors, that this step is a critical one in the estate planning process.