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October 2013 Archives

What benefits does registering as an LLC offer small companies?

If you’re currently operating a sole proprietorship or have decided to start a small business, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that many entrepreneurs are setting up as limited liability companies, or LLCs. The reason is that LLCs offer many of the benefits of an S corporation without the burdensome administrative formalities corporations are required to follow.

Incorporating? Have you considered whether to choose a C or an S?

If you’re starting a business, you’ve probably heard there are good reasons to set it up as its own entity instead of running it as a sole proprietorship. Having a separate business entity goes a long way toward preventing business losses from affecting your personal assets, and there are tax advantages that may apply as well.

Amanda Knox may have constitutional claims to bar her extradition

If you’ve been following the Amanda Knox case in the news, you may be aware that Italy’s highest court has now ordered the young woman and her former boyfriend to be tried again for the alleged murder of Knox’s roommate, a British exchange student. That order is the latest in an unusual series of legal events involving Knox and the Italian court system since the 2007 murder.