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How we can help you with Utah estate planning and administration

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2014 | Business Organizations, Estate Planning |

Even the most carefully conceived and detailed plans do not amount to much if they are not executed. This is true in a wide variety of places, including business offices, football fields, traffic management and in estate administration.

Estate administration is at its core, the collection and distribution of assets after a loved one has passed on. As we have written about recently, an estate plan requires thought and organization – but in order for it to be fully realized, it must be executed. That is exactly where a St. George estate planning and estate administration law firm can help families.

At the Utah law offices of Snow Jensen & Reece, P.C., we strive to understand our clients’ goals first and foremost. We then help ensure that those goals are achieved with careful estate planning and when needed, estate administration assistance.

Experienced estate planning attorneys sit down with clients to draft documents such as wills, trusts and business succession plans to protect heirs and assets. Our experience and knowledge helps us create with clients with substantial holdings sophisticated trusts that shield heirs from estate taxes.

Estate planning attorneys can also help you draft powers of attorney or a living will that protect you in the event you are incapacitated by injury or illness and are no longer able to make crucial decisions about your health and finances.

While many people assume that estate planning is solely for the wealthy, it is in reality for everyone who has a spouse or who has children or who owns a home or business. After all, few of us want the state to decide what is done with our children, our home or our other belongings in the event of unexpected death.

Please see our estate planning, probate and estate administration page for more information.