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December 2014 Archives

Southwest Utah’s low unemployment to drive wages higher?

Good economic news often begets more good economic news. Here in southwest Utah, our unemployment rate has been slowly dropping over the past few years. A senior economist for the Utah Department of Workforce Services says most counties in this part of the state have recently experienced job creation and unemployment drops.

What do I need to know before signing a contract?

Contracts can be among the most powerful resources companies can utilize to protect themselves and their product. These legal documents can be essential when it comes to setting terms for relationships with buyers, employees, vendors and other parties, and they can establish critical guidelines for how certain business transactions must be conducted.

Have you reviewed your company's employment contracts recently?

It may not seem that job mobility has been a major concern in the public media for some time. Business owners are aware that when the job market becomes more fluid, retaining key skilled workers is an important function. Moreover, as a job market becomes more dynamic, having appropriate agreements in place to protect trade secrets and proprietary information often raises to the top of a business operator’s mind.