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A new lease on life — or a condo with a view

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2015 | Real Estate Law |

A landlord/tenant relationship can be like a marriage, with both sides content that they made the right decision for the long-term. The relationship also has in it elements of a contentious divorce, filled with acrimony, he-said/she-said disputes and possible eviction from a once-happy home.

For both commercial and residential landlords in St. George, the marriage metaphor only goes so far. The reality is that far too often landlords find that tenants have violated terms of a lease and threaten to vacate without paying what they owe.

In some residential rentals, those conditions will prompt a landlord to sit down with an attorney experienced in evictions to discuss their legal options. If eviction is the best course of action, the landlord has a number of ways to negotiate the three-step process that begins with giving the tenant notice.

Notices vary, with different forms of notice applying to different situations. For instance, a three-day nuisance notice is appropriate when the landlord believes the tenant is disturbing the neighbors, damaging property or engaging in illegal activities such as drug trafficking.

There’s also a three-day alternative notice for non-payment. That’s applicable when a renter owes money and is given three days to either pay up or move out.

A St. George lawyer steeped in landlord/tenant law can help landlords efficiently deal with a variety of difficult eviction scenarios so that you can maintain control of your property. The process begins with a discussion with Snow Jensen & Reece, P.C.

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