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October 2015 Archives

The simple reason why you can't afford to postpone estate planning

Among all of the services you may need throughout your life, chances are good that estate planning is not high on your priority list. Like most people, you may think that you have lots of time to get to it . . . eventually. And because no one wants to contemplate their own mortality, you may keep putting it off indefinitely.

What generally happens in the merger review process?

A lot needs to happen when two companies decide to work out a business merger or acquisition. Not only does the a company have to ensure the support of shareholders and get the financial and logistical aspects of such a deal worked out, there are also legal issues that have to be addressed. One specific legal process that has to be engaged is the merger review process.

DirecTV service stall-out a reminder of the importance of effective contract negotiation

Utah readers who subscribe to DirecTV may remember that the first football game of the NFL season was unavailable for viewing last month. The reason the game never aired is apparently that NBC’s affiliate in Utah, KSL-TV, has been off the air completely for DirecTV subscribers due to a contract dispute.

Using trusts for minors in estate planning

Estate planning can involve a variety of different challenges, depending on your financial and family situation, and your specific wealth goals. Among the many challenges folks face in estate planning is addressing wealth distribution to minors. Because minors are unable to own property on their own, it is important to use estate planning as an opportunity to provide for the support of children.