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Careful estate planning now may help loved ones later

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2016 | Estate Planning |

There’s no question that some people in Utah and other areas tend to avoid discussions about their own mortality like the plague. Others understand that discussing such issues ahead of time may help family members avoid problems later. Some say it is never too soon to develop careful estate planning skills, whether one is still young and just starting out in life or approaching the so-called golden years with a well-established amount of assets.

Basically, the process of estate planning is highly customizable according to the wishes of an estate owner. For many, staple documents of a thorough plan include wills, trusts and powers of attorney. Preseerving one’s written wishes in a will is a relatively easy means for ensuring that assets are distributed to those of one’s own choosing after death.

Another common inclusion of thorough estate plans is an advanced directive document. Even before death, one never knows when something will happen to cause mental incapacitation and inability to make financial or medical decisions. For this reason, many people choose to name one or more persons who will have the authority to make such decisions for them if needed.

At Snow Jensen & Reece, P.C., in Utah, we are equipped to help you address all your estate planning needs. Whether you have questions regarding trusts or powers of attorney, or need help updating an existing estate plan, we can help you achieve your goals. By contacting our office to request a consultation, you can take the first steps toward protecting your assets, preparing for a possible health emergency and securing your loved ones’ inheritances.