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September 2017 Archives

Why women should engage in estate planning even more than men

In the United States, women generally outlive men by nearly five years. Although they may live longer than their male counterparts, they earn far less income than men over the course of their lives. The combination of these two factors makes it even more critical that women engage in estate planning just as much, if not more, than men.

Save Money: Know Who Bears the Risks of a Subcontractor's Bid

Today, we are going to step back to 1960, the year of bouffants, John F. Kennedy, and contracting lawsuits. Many people ask about subcontracting bids and when they become valid or enforceable under Utah law. Union Tank Car Co. v. Wheat Bros. provides an excellent illustration on that matter.

Who is Responsible for an Accident Caused By a Car Thief?

Everyone knows they can be liable for an accident they cause while driving. Something not everyone knows: they can be liable for an accident someone else causes while driving. Cruz v. Middlekauff Lincoln-Mercury, Inc., a case that went before the Utah Supreme Court in 1996, shows us how.

What's the role of corporate bylaws and what should they include?

If you've gone into business with others, then most likely you've heard the term "bylaws" thrown around. The term refers to the set of rules that a board of directors sets that a business entity must abide by when incorporating itself. Bylaws are often written by a corporation's owners when it's founded.