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Shaping the future: St. George lays plans for 2040

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2021 | Business & Commercial Law, Real Estate Law |

Entrepreneurs know the value of planning. It helps them keep schedules, make deadlines, stay within budgets and much more.

St. George’s city leaders also understand planning’s worth, as they’ve shown by launching “two significant planning projects,” the city says on its website.

A pair of planning projects

The first planning project will update the vision laid out in the General Plan to provide a wide-angle lens view of how growth over the next two decades will be accommodated.

In addition, the Downtown Area Plan will provide a close-up of the future roles in St. George life of the Downtown Core and Downtown neighborhoods.

The survey says . . .

The city has put together the St. George 2040 survey to get a better idea of residents’ opinions on matters that include:

  • Economic vitality
  • The city’s connection to nature
  • Responsible growth
  • Transportation accessibility
  • A thriving downtown
  • Arts and culture

The survey will be followed by more outreach efforts to residents and businesses, the city says.

The bottom line is that the survey and future outreach will help form the updated General Plan, which will then be incorporated into future zoning decisions and used as a guide to settle disputes over zoning, land use (properties presently within city limits and in areas expected to be annexed), development, etc.

Housing and business

The current General Plan includes the number of housing units allowed in various parts of the city, such as Sun River (2,391), Entrada (710), Hidden Valley (1,500) and so on.

It also lays out areas for zoning of General Commercial, Neighborhood Commercial, Industrial, Professional Office, Big Box retail, etc.

And it includes powerful, all-encompassing statements, such as “All zoning and other land use decisions shall be consistent with the General Plan” and “Growth should pay its own way; i.e. the costs for new public infrastructure should be paid by development.”

Shaping the future

The current Plan has many significant real-world consequences, as will the update.

It makes sense for entrepreneurs and residents to give their input now and as the process unfolds, and later to understand the 2040 update that will help to shape St. George’s future.