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Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Whether you are in need of a professional mediator or arbitrator to impartially assist with the resolution of a dispute or you need legal representation to represent your interests in mediation or arbitration, the attorneys at Snow Jensen & Reece, P.C., are prepared to assist you. Several of our senior attorneys are experienced mediators and arbitrators, having filled such roles in all types of complex cases.

Our attorneys are also skilled at representing clients in the context of mediation or arbitration, as they are able to both advise you as to when and how such forums can best be utilized and able to represent your interests in the process of mediation or arbitration.

Applying Alternative Methods To Resolve Matters Peacefully

Mediation and arbitration are two modalities of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). When parties want to avoid the time and cost of court cases, they often opt for ADR. The processes are different, but the goal is the same: to obtain resolution to an issue.

  • Mediation: Typically nonbinding, both sides of the issue are heard and discussed. This process is lead by a neutral party (a mediator). This is a confidential process, unlike a court case. The issues are limited in their scope. The atmosphere is more relaxed than a trial. The results of mediation can be written into a binding agreement or contract. Mediation costs are usually split between the parties.
  • Arbitration: Typically a binding process that involves one or three chosen people (arbitrators) to act as the judge in your case. Arbitrators are chosen and approved by both parties. The arbitrator or arbitrators listen to both sides of the issues and then decide the matter. Appeals are rare and not always allowed. Because arbitrators are selected from a select pool, unlike a judge, the arbitrator may be an attorney with extensive experience and knowledge in the area of law of the case.

ADR is more casual than a trial and offers flexibility, lower cost, less time and more privacy to both parties. The attorneys at Snow Jensen & Reece, P.C., have extensive experience with ADR and in the areas of law where ADR is frequently used such as construction and real estate law.

Let Our Skilled Legal Team Guide You In ADR

If you are seeking to resolve your case outside of the courtroom, ADR may be a viable option. Call our firm and speak with a professional about your issue. We will listen and then let you know how we can be of the most help. You can also send us a brief summary of your issue via the contact email. We will reach out to you with a response promptly. For immediate attention, call us at 435-215-4960.