“With the current COVID-19 heightened concerns within our communities, meeting our clients’ legal needs and concerns will be a priority of our firm. We are here to serve you. Being sensitive to your best interests and our community responsibility, we will be offering telephone and video conferencing for our current and future clients, including any new and developing matters you may have.”

Well-Equipped To Handle All Your Litigation Needs

The attorneys of Snow Jensen & Reece, P.C., are licensed to practice before the United States Supreme Court, the United States Courts of Appeals for the 9th and 10th Circuits, the Supreme Court of Utah, the Utah Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court of Arizona, both divisions of the Arizona Court of Appeals, and the Nevada Supreme Court.

The appellate attorneys at Snow Jensen & Reece, P.C., are experienced in helping clients with every stage of the litigation process. Although the focus of our appellate practice is representing clients during the briefing and oral argument of a case on appeal, our lawyers begin work long before briefs are filed. Our appellate attorneys work directly with clients and their trial counsel to identify the issues and strategies needed to maximize prospects on appeal.

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